About us

Darius Baleika
Tel.: +370 686 60088
E-mail: darius@@@steda.lt

Having fortified its positions in the business of constructions and supply of building materials 12 years ago, the Company is successfully operating and expanding. Currently, Private Limited Liability Company (UAB) “STEDA” employs 60 people.

Our strength is stability, sticking to business, preservation of the same activity, a number of our partners, a gathered team that pursues to achieve the Company’s objectives and is unafraid to develop, to change and to take challenges.

A guarantee of our achievements is employees, their work, initiative and loyalty. Having unified our strengths, we have created an integral service model; therefore, we can respond to the clients’ needs swiftly, flexibly and accurately.

The Company’s employees regularly improve knowledge through participation in trainings and organizational development sessions arranged by the business consultation company “GRAND PARTNERS” as well as in specialized seminars organized by our suppliers.

Vision and mission

UAB “STEDA” pursues to become the main supplier for the building material stores in Klaipėda Region, to be well-known and appreciated as a stable, reliable and innovative company.


On 28-03-2008 the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania granted a certificate enabling to carry out special-building construction works.


Our objective in providing sponsorship is that support would reach those who most need it.


From the year 2002 on, we organize annual summer festivals-rallies for the employees of building material stores in Klaipėda Region, including recreational fishing in Kintai ponds. It is a perfect opportunity to consolidate partnership and to show personal attention to the client.